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Patient Outcomes: Assessment and Follow-Up

Custom modules available for Psychiatric, Alcohol and Drug, and Gambling Treatment include baseline (admission) assessment, discharge assessment, three, six, and twelve month follow-up assessment for patients completing treatment programs and three month follow-up for patients leaving treatment against medical advice.  Includes several federally funded projects utilizing the GPRA and TRAC.

The Company has developed and tested a variety of instruments to be utilized in conjunction with standard psychometric instruments to enhance outcomes evaluation.

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Patient and Family Satisfaction

Patient and family member satisfaction are an import factor to consider when evaluating treatment programs. Although satisfaction, in some cases, may not be directly linked to treatment success, it can be a very important factor in identifying and tracking trends relating to staffing, scheduling, and facilities management. Patient and family satisfaction is a very important element in building a strong, word-of-mouth referral network. Modules include mirrored satisfaction and report of outcomes elements enabling verification of patient self-reports.

The family versions of the Herbert Louis Gambling Index and Herbert Louis Substance Use Index both include a domain for Corroboration of Symptoms and Outcomes as well as a domain of Family Member Satisfaction.

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Referral Source Satisfaction

Knowing what your referral sources think about you, and tracking trends in referral source satisfaction, can make a good deal of difference in maintaining a strong census. Module includes domains of access, communications, professionalism, and success.

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Access and Utilization Analysis

Herbert & Louis consults with a myriad of private and public treatment providers, managed care, and policy level decision makers to identify prevalence, treatment needs, access pathways, cost-benefit, and utilization analysis. Projects are custom designed to meet regulatory and market needs.

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Consultation, Presentations, and Training

Dr. Moore has extensive experience speaking at the national and regional level on topics including the measurement of outcomes, treatment effectiveness, automated management information management systems, managed care, employee assistance programs, and wellness. He has also conducted motivational workshops for professionals working in the field.

The Company has assisted many treatment providers, managed care organizations, and public health care agencies in the design and development of program evaluation programs, research design, instrument construction and verification, merging program evaluation with quality improvement, and staff development.

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Practice Management Software Development

Herbert & Louis develops custom software applications for small to medium sized treatment programs. These applications include modules for patient demographics, clinical progress, clinical notes, billing, and extensive analysis and reporting. Systems are developed for single user, local area networks, and wide area networks. Call for quotes.

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Current Evaluation Projects Measuring the Effectiveness of:

Residential and outpatient treatment for methamphetamine users

Drug Courts

Outpatient & residential treatment of pathological gambling

Residential treatment for alcohol and drug users.

Outpatient treatment for mono-lingual (Spanish) alcohol and drug users

Supportive Housing

Reintegration from Prison


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Grant Writing

The Company assists its clients in securing funding from a variety of sources including the federal government through technical proposal grant writing.    

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Company focus is to provide affordable and cost effective products and services. Most projects are approached on a flat investment basis, instead of a time and materials, to ensure our clients know our intent is to truly partner with them.

Call for obligation-free bids or proposals.

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Company Principal

Dr. Thomas L. Moore, co-founder and CEO of Herbert & Louis LLC has been working in the behavioral healthcare field since 1971. During that time, he has had the opportunity to manage inpatient and outpatient Alcohol and Drug treatment and large scale prevention programs. Dr. Moore has directed a world-wide Employee Assistance Program, been the ERISA Plan Administrator for a Fortune 500 Corporation, and has consulted widely with managed care, psychiatric, substance abuse, and gambling treatment programs for measuring outcomes.

Additionally, Dr. Moore has conducted extensive trainings worldwide and studied under Drs. Viktor Frankl, Herbert Blumer, and Max Lerner.

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